I’ve been interested in photography from my earliest days. It all began with my father’s single­lens reflex camera, a Praktica MTL 5B. I was privileged to grow up in the beautiful countryside of western Poland, where I developed a love for landscape photography, a love which has continued and deepened ever since. In my early teens I acquired a video camera, which I used to record and document my family life. With time, my skills and equipment improved. I made my photographs available through microstock companies, mainly Shutterstock, where I’ve sold about 15,000 images. My sets include images of the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco scenes, classic automobiles, views of many national parks I have visited and more. Depositphotos.com and Dreamstime.com also carry my work. My images have appeared in online magazines and travel services, e­books, and more, as cover photographs, illustrations for articles, and so on. Notable examples are the covers of Chris Oxlade’s book ​ ​ ​Rocks (Rock ​on!), Fodor’s ​Big Island of Hawaii, and Laurie King’s mystery books The Kate Martinelli Series. My journey continued, to include videography and new subjects and areas of interest. I regularly attend band performances, and make videos of them. I’ve worked as a wedding photographer with Dawid Bilski, of ​www.dawidbilskiphotography.com ​. In 2015 I earned a Video Production Certificate from Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco.

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